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Are you tired of uncomfortable shapewear that doesn't last? Bid farewell to discomfort and the challenges of regular shapewear. With our SaturnSoft, enjoy daily wear designed for your ultimate comfort. Crafted from a blend of Egyptian cotton and viscose, it’s not just shapewear—it’s a revolution in daily comfort.


United States: 8 to 12 days

United Kingdom: 5 to 11 days

France/Germany/Austria/Italy/Spain/Netherlands: 4 to 10 days

Other EU countries: 9 to 15 days

Australia: 7 to 13 days

Canada: 9 to 15 days


We have a 30 day money back guarantee, if you aren’t satisfied simply contact customer support for further steps!

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  • Effortlessly Reduce the Appearance of Belly Fat!

    Want a more toned and slim-looking belly? Our SaturnSoft is your secret weapon! This special shapewear gently hugs and refines your midsection, showcasing your curves and smoothing out any unwanted bumps. When you wear it, your body gets a boost in blood flow. This means your muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients and waste gets whisked away faster. Our SaturnSoft also gently warms the areas it covers, which might help burn a tad more calories.

  • Elevate Your Posture and Well-being!

    Our SaturnSoft specially designed shapewear not only gives you a confidence boost but also supports your back, helping you stand straighter and breathe better during workouts. As we age, our bodies change, but SaturnSoft is here to help! It supports in all the right places, avoiding issues like hunched shoulders, drooping bust, and saggy hips. And if you're facing problems like bladder prolapse, our SaturnSoft offers that gentle lift you need.

  • Ensures Perfect Posture in Every Step!

    Ever wish your back felt more supported? Our SaturnSoft is here to help! This unique body shaper is like a gentle hug for your back, reducing discomfort and helping you feel good all day. Made with just the right stretch, our SaturnSoft keeps your back straight, making you feel tall and strong. And if you've got those pesky lower back aches, it's great for easing that too.

Amplify Your Workout and Boost Performance!

Our SaturnSoft supports your core and helps you stand tall, letting you exercise more effectively. And guess what? Better workouts can mean quicker weight loss and more health perks! Plus, if you've got sore spots or weak areas, our SaturnSoft gives them the extra support they need, so you can push through your exercise routine with more ease and focus.

Tired of Feeling Hot and Uncomfortable?

No more sweaty, uneasy days! Switch to our SaturnSoft for cool comfort all day. Made from soft Egyptian cotton and special viscose, it keeps you feeling just right. With our special Outlast® tech, our SaturnSoft makes sure you're not too hot or cold, giving you a smooth and comfy feel every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SaturnSoft really suitable for all-day wear?

Absolutely! Think of our SaturnSoft as your fun-loving companion that’s got your back (and front!) all day, every day. It’s the ultimate blend of comfort and style, ready to party with you from dawn to dusk!

Can I really exercise in my SaturnSoft?

Why just exercise? You can dance, jog, jump, and do the moonwalk! Our SaturnSoft is your trusty workout partner, offering you both support and flexibility. So go on, add that extra set to your routine!

Will it make me feel overheated?

Nope! Our Outlast® Technology ensures you stay as cool as a cucumber, even on sizzling summer days. It’s like having a mini air-conditioner wrapped around you. Beat the heat with our SaturnSoft!

Can SaturnSoft improve my posture?

Straighten up and read on! Yes, our SaturnSoft is designed to help correct your posture. So you can walk tall, breathe better, and exude confidence. It's like a gentle reminder to always stand proud!

How’s the material quality? Will it last?

Egyptian cotton and viscose walk into a bar... and emerge as the strongest, softest, and most durable shapewear ever! So yes, our SaturnSoft is built to last, just like your favorite classic movie.

Does it really not compromise on the bust area?

Bust a move and see for yourself! Our design ensures a sleek silhouette without squishing, squeezing, or compromising your bust. Our SaturnSoft celebrates every inch of you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Aging Gracefully with SaturnSoft!

As I age, SaturnSoft has become my best companion. It supports and enhances beautifully!

Cool and Comfy All Day!

The Outlast® Technology is pure magic. I stay cool and shaped throughout!

Posture Perfect!

Not just shaping, my posture feels so much better. A fantastic investment!

Bye Bye Uncomfortable Shapewear!

I’ve said goodbye to all my old shapewear. SaturnSoft is the future!

Perfect Blend of Style & Comfort!

I never thought shapewear could be this comfortable. SaturnSoft has nailed it!